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Are you tired of the 9-to-5 grind? Maybe you've dreamed of sipping a coconut on a tropical beach, laptop at the ready. Or maybe you're wandering through a bustling foreign market, absorbing new experiences while your online business hums along.It sounds like a bit of a fantasy life, right?But what if it isn't?

Hey, aspiring solopreneur!If you've reached a point in life where you're seeking more freedom, more purpose, and more adventure, then you're in the right place.You're likely grappling with questions like:

  • How can I turn my passion into a profitable online venture?

  • Is it truly possible to run a business while travelling the world?

  • Can I break free from financial constraints and live life on my own terms?

If this sounds like you, know that you're in good company. You're part of an expanding tribe of go-getters who are done with the status quo. And the best part? You have what it takes to make this dream come true.So, let's cut to the chase. Welcome to the Solopreneur Success Formula, your comprehensive blueprint for turning your passions into profits, no matter where you choose to log in from.

Here's what Lifestyle Entrepreneur Susan Beesley says about The Solopreneur Success Formula

Meet Jo Barnes: From Corporate Grind to 7-Figure Freedom

If you're wondering who's behind the Solopreneur Success Formula, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jo Barnes, a lifestyle entrepreneur who's been in the trenches for over 13 years. But, it hasn’t always been sandy beaches and mobile hotspots.As a middle manager in the corporate world for most of my 20’s and early 30’s, I used to dream about a life less ordinary as I stared at the four white walls of my office.Even after I caught the entrepreneurial bug and launched my own business in my mid-30s, I was still shackled by overhead costs, employees, long work hours, and the incessant drizzle of British weather.It wasn’t until I discovered the wonderful world of online business that my life irrevocably changed!Starting from humble beginnings while house-sitting in Cyprus, I was about as tech-savvy as a fish out of water. From fumbling with video uploads to nearly botching a live webinar (I couldn't figure out how to turn it off!), my early missteps were many.But the good news is if someone like me, who initially couldn't distinguish a plugin from a power socket, can master this digital landscape, then believe me, so can you.Thirteen years and 40+ countries later, I've built not just one, but multiple 6 and 7-figure online businesses—all while trotting around the globe. Whether I was sunning myself on a beach in Bali or backpacking across India (highly recommended), my business was right there with me, tucked safely in my laptop.And it's not just about the money; it's about freedom. The freedom to choose where I work, when I work, and most importantly, how I work.The Solopreneur Success Formula encapsulates the lessons, the strategies, and the mindset I've cultivated over these years into a single, comprehensive course.You're not just buying a course; you're investing in a decade-plus of tried-and-true experience. If I can go from daydreams to dollars, so can you.

The Roadblocks to Your Dream Life: Why Most Aspiring Solopreneurs Stumble

It's a tantalizing vision, isn't it? Living life on your terms, swapping a dreary office view for ever-changing exotic locales. But before you sell your desk and invest in a world map, there are some roadblocks to navigate.

Information Overload

Let's start with the most obvious one: too much information. You could spend days trawling through blogs, watching YouTube tutorials, or attending webinars. But all you end up with is paralysis by analysis—too much information and not enough action.

Tech Trouble

Even if you manage to narrow down your ideas, the tech aspect can be daunting. Setting up a website, figuring out SEO, managing social media—it's like learning a new language overnight.

Uncertain Income

Then comes the financial hurdle. Most of us are used to a steady paycheck, and the uncertain income from an online business can be unnerving.

Work-Life Imbalance

It sounds counterintuitive, but creating a business that gives you freedom can initially rob you of it. The hustle to get things off the ground can overwhelm even the most disciplined among us.

Finding Your Tribe

While it's amazing to travel and work, it can also be isolating. Being far from a support network and struggling to find like-minded people can be a significant challenge.

Introducing the Solopreneur Success Formula: Your Roadmap to Location Independence and Financial Freedom

So you've hit these roadblocks. You're overwhelmed by information, tangled in tech, unsure about income, caught in a work-life whirlwind, and maybe even feeling a bit lonely. Trust me, I've been there. But there's good news!Say hello to the Solopreneur Success Formula—the complete guide to turning your dreams of a location-independent lifestyle into your everyday reality. Designed with your challenges in mind, this course offers solutions for every stumbling block you've encountered.

Why Choose The Solopreneur Success Formula?

  • Hard-Earned Knowledge: This isn't theory. This is 13 years of grinding, testing, succeeding (and at times failing), all distilled into actionable steps for you.

  • Tech Demystified: If I could navigate the tech jungle without a guidebook, so can you. I'll simplify it all—no jargon, just plain English.

  • Solid Financial Plan: No more living paycheck to paycheck. I'll share strategies that will set you on the path to financial freedom.

  • Balanced Lifestyle: Achieve the work-life balance you've dreamed of through effective time management and smart business strategies.

  • Community Connection: Learn how to find and join communities and mentorship groups. Network with like-minded individuals and enrich your entrepreneurial journey.

  • FREE 90 Day Goal Setting Planning Journal As soon as you purchase your copy of the Solopreneur Success Formula, we'll mail you a copy of the YLB 90 Day Goal Setting Planner, so you can turn your learnings into an action plan!

Get this physical planner currently selling on Amazon for $24.99 for FREE!

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside the Solopreneur Success Formula

Module 1: Clarifying Your Vision

  • Unlock the True Power of a Lifestyle Business: Discover what a lifestyle business can really offer you—think freedom, passion, and a sustainable income. No jargon, just the juicy details.

  • Freedom or Scaling? Know the Difference: Unveil the crucial distinctions between a lifestyle business and a startup. You won't be confused about your financial goals anymore.

  • Craft Your Ideal Day: A hands-on exercise to picture your dream lifestyle, down to the nitty-gritty. This isn't just vision-boarding; it’s your roadmap to freedom.

  • Unlock Your 'Why' for Bulletproof Motivation: Unearth the emotional core that will keep you grinding—even on the days when you feel like chucking it all in.

  • Bring Your Vision to Life: Learn how to use visualization techniques to keep your goals front and center. Imagine achieving your dreams, every day.

  • Calculate Your Freedom Number: Ever wondered how much you need to live the life of your dreams? You’ll know it down to the penny.

  • Craft a Freedom Budget Like a Pro: Budgeting doesn't have to be boring or complicated. Turn numbers into your stepping stones towards freedom.

  • Strategic Financial Planning with Your Freedom Number: Don't just make money—learn to make smart business decisions that serve your lifestyle goals.

  • Your Actionable Steps to Freedom: Walk away not just with ideas but with a to-do list that will bring you one step closer to your dream life, every day.

Module 2: Identifying Your Business Model

  • Overview of Online Business Models: Get the lowdown on the main types of online business models—Information/Influencer Marketing, Ecommerce, and Service Based Business.

  • Deep Dive into Each Model: Explore the pros and cons of being an Influencer, Blogger, Educator, and more. Make an informed choice about your business path.

  • Choosing Your Perfect Fit: Learn how your skills, interests, and lifestyle goals play into selecting the right business model for you.

  • What Kind of Solopreneur Are You? Quiz: A quick, fun quiz to help you figure out which business model aligns with your personality and goals.

  • Quiz Results and Implications: Discover your solopreneur style and learn what it means for your business choices, whether you're an Info Marketer, Service Provider, or Ecommerce Extraordinaire.

  • Action Steps for Your Ideal Model: Walk away not just with insights, but a roadmap tailored to your

Module 3: Your Market and Brand Ideal

  • What is a Target Market: Demystify the term and find out why it's not just marketing jargon.

  • Why Target Market Matters: Understand how knowing your market affects everything from product development to customer communication.

  • The Challenge of Identifying Your Market: Confront the FOMO and vagueness that can blur your business focus.

  • Strategies to Pinpoint Your Market: Two practical approaches to zero in on your ideal customers and their pain points.

  • One Person or a Tribe?: Explore different ways to think about your target market, from an individual avatar to a community.

  • Example of a Target Market: Take a real-world peek into how defining your market can provide actionable insights.

  • Crafting Your Brand Ideal and Message: Beyond logos and colours—discover what your brand should emotionally represent.

  • Power of a Strong Brand Story: Learn why a compelling narrative can be your secret weapon in a crowded market.

  • Elements of Your Brand Story: A step-by-step guide to create a brand story that resonates.

  • Examples of Branding Done Right: Gain inspiration from big names like Redbull, Dove, Nike, and more.

  • North Star Exercise: A special feature, presented by personal branding expert Lauren Clemmett, to help crystallize your brand's vision and mission.

  • Action Steps: Walk away with targeted tasks to define your market and brand ideal.

Module 4: Building Your Tribe: Cultivating a Loyal Audience

  • Understanding the Audience Imperative: Realize why an audience isn't just nice to have—it's essential for business success.

  • Platform Palooza: Uncover a range of platforms to choose from, and identify where your audience hangs out.

  • Tailoring Your Platform Choice: Learn how different platforms suit various business models and target audiences.

  • Consistency is Key: Discover the steps for maintaining an active presence, from content creation to engagement.

  • Master the Content Pillar Strategy: Learn how to create substantial "pillar" content and break it down into smaller, digestible "micro-content" for various platforms.

  • Brand Theme Strategy Unveiled: Dive into how you can create cohesive and consistent content around 3-5 themes relevant to your brand.

  • Swipe, Save, Create: Tips on keeping a "swipe file" for content inspiration, batch content creation, and repurposing.

  • Newsletter Know-How: Gain the skills to start and sustain a newsletter that keeps your tribe engaged and growing.

  • Lead Generators and Giveaways: Learn the art of crafting irresistible lead magnets and giveaways to attract and retain subscribers.

  • **Engagement and Feedback Loop: **Find out how to engage with your audience and use their feedback to improve and create content they love.

  • Leverage ChatGPT & AI for Content Creation: Discover how to use artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT to streamline your content creation process and keep your audience engaged.

  • Actionable Steps for Audience Building: Walk away with a solid plan to start cultivating your audience immediately.

Module 5 - Monetizing Your Business

  • Master Multiple Monetization Models: Get the lowdown on various ways to make money online, whether it's through influencer marketing, affiliate sales, online courses, or SAAS. Understand how each fits into the grand scheme of your business vision.

  • Customized Profit Plans: Receive step-by-step guidance on how to develop a tailored profit plan, regardless of your chosen business model. Know what you need to offer and how to price it for maximum profitability.

  • Calculate Costs and Margins: Gain invaluable skills in understanding all costs associated with your products or services and how to calculate profit margins. Make informed decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

  • Sales Volume and Strategy: Learn to estimate sales volumes and set realistic targets based on your market size and business model. Take the guesswork out of your sales strategy.

  • Ready-Made Profit Templates: Simplify the numbers game with easy-to-use templates designed to help you quickly work out your potential profits. Get to your 'freedom number' faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Real-World Case Studies: Benefit from a carefully curated list of case studies featuring successful entrepreneurs. Let their journeys inspire you and give you practical insights into achieving similar success.

  • Actionable Takeaways: End the module with clear action steps that move you closer to your financial and lifestyle goals. From product idea brainstorming to basic profit calculations, know exactly what you need to do next.

Module 6 - How to Get Started & Identifying Your Priorities

  • Unlock Your PQO Formula: Discover the secret sauce behind Prolific Quality Output (PQO) and learn why it’s the cornerstone for long-term success. Find out why names like Michael Jordan and Amy Porterfield are not just talented but consistently productive.

  • High-Value Priority Setting: Understand the art of focusing only on tasks that propel your business forward. Learn to allocate time and resources effectively for your most crucial outputs—be it blog posts, videos, or products.

  • Efficiency Meets Excellence: Master the balancing act between quality and quantity. Produce top-notch content or services without sacrificing output, setting you miles apart from the competition.

  • Individualized Action Plans: Create your own roadmap tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you’re an author, influencer, or freelancer, get a concrete plan with timelines, so you know exactly what to do next.

  • Eliminate the Unnecessary: Cut out the fluff that doesn't serve your PQO. Make every action count toward your goals, giving you more time for what truly matters.

  • Identify Your 'Main Moves': Leverage targeted strategies depending on your business type. Be it keyword research for bloggers or optimizing listings for Amazon FBA, identify and master your ‘main moves’ for exponential growth.

  • Leverage Real-world Examples: Get inspired by the prolific output of successful people across different fields. Translate their strategies into actionable steps in your own entrepreneurial journey.

  • Dedicate Time Smartly: Learn how to commit a bulk of your valuable time to tasks that contribute directly to your PQO, guaranteeing both quality and volume in your work.

  • Adaptable and Scalable Strategies: Gain the flexibility to tweak your plans as you learn and grow. Acquire the skills to scale your strategies across different ventures or stages of your business.

  • One-Step-at-a-Time Approach: While the information may be overwhelming, learn the art of taking it one step at a time. Stay focused and persist, because every small action contributes to your bigger picture.

Module 7 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Taking Action

  • Confront Fear, Don't Flee It: Learn to identify and dissect your fears. Turn what scares you into what fuels you. Let's face it; courage is your new currency.

  • Fear Flip: Your Secret Weapon: This isn't just a mindset trick; it's a game-changer. Discover a bulletproof technique to redefine your fears and guide you towards confident action.

  • Your Beliefs, Your Rules: Tired of being your own worst critic? Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones that propel you forward, not hold you back.

  • Act Like a Boss: Why wait for permission? Step into the role you're aspiring for right now. Master the 'Act as If' principle and let your confidence catch up with your ambition.

  • The Milestone Method: Big goals? No problem! Learn to divide them into achievable milestones. Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

  • Winning Never Felt So Good: Discover how celebrating even the tiniest victories can give you the momentum you need. You're not just building a business; you're building confidence.

  • Find Your Tribe, Share Your Journey: Going it alone? Not anymore. Learn the importance of having an accountability partner or a community that's on the same ride, amplifying both your successes and theirs.

  • Turn 'Good Enough' Into Great: Perfectionism is overrated. Embrace the power of 'good enough' and learn how self-compassion can become your secret weapon in business.

  • Reprogram Your Mind: Feed your head with positivity. Quotes, affirmations, or whatever floats your boat—find out how the right messages can become the wind in your sails.

  • Your Imposter-To-Mogul Action Plan: You're leaving this module not just inspired but equipped. With a tangible action list that makes overcoming imposter syndrome more doable than ever.

Module 8 - Your Journal Success Plan

Here's the cherry on top: as part of your course enrollment, you'll receive the YLB 90-Day Goal Setting Journal as a special bonus. Here's how to unlock it's magic!

  • Transform Your Next 90 Days: Experience the power of planning by tapping into the YLB 90-Day Goal Setting Journal. Go from aimless wandering to laser-focused action in just 13 weeks.

  • Unlock the Full Potential of Your Journal: We're diving deep into every single page, showing you exactly how to utilize this tool for maximum gains in both your personal and business goals.

  • Personal Guidance on Your Business Journey: This isn't just a planner; it's your on-hand coach. With dedicated goal-setting and tracking sections, you're not just jotting down tasks; you're plotting a course for a fulfilling life.

  • Become a Time Master: Wave goodbye to procrastination and wasted hours. Master the art of time management with specialized daily and weekly planning tools. This is productivity on steroids.

  • Don't Just Set Goals, Achieve Them: Learn how to break down your big dreams into bite-sized daily tasks with the journal's 13-week framework. Annual and quarterly goals? Now they're daily priorities.

  • Celebrate More Than Milestones: Your journal comes with built-in celebrations. Record your achievements, reflect on your progress, and boost your motivation along the way.

  • Rewire Your Belief System: Make use of the journal's self-awareness, values, and belief systems exercises. Get a better understanding of your why, and let it fuel your hustle every single day.

  • Life Goals, Meet Daily Action: Don't just dream it, plan it. The journal's bucket list and lifestyle vision pages tie your long-term dreams directly to your daily actions.

  • Extra Resources, Extra Success: Get more than just paper; receive bonus training and free printable resources that elevate your journaling experience, giving you extra mileage on your road to success.

  • The Ultimate Daily Companion: Your journal is so much more than paper and ink. It's a habit-forming, limit-breaking, game-changing tool that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Unmissable Bonuses to Supercharge Your Journey

  • Bonus Module: Mindset & Business Mastery: Unlock the vault to 13 years of business wisdom! Videos, podcasts, and exclusive training materials curated just for you. Think of it as your backstage pass to the business concert of a lifetime. 🎬

  • The Ultimate Printable Workbook: Worksheets, checklists, guides—oh my! Your hands-on tool kit for the course, making sure you don't just learn, you apply and thrive. 📚

  • The YLB 90-Day Planner: Not just a digital bonus, but a physical planner currently selling for $24.99, delivered for FREE straight to your door! This isn't your typical planner; it's your new BFF in achieving your dreams. 📓

  • Online Notion Version of the 90-Day Planner: Flexibility at its finest! Get the full 90-day planner experience, but make it digital. Ideal for the techie in you. 📱

What's better than a powerhouse of bonuses designed to supercharge your success journey? Make this year the year of you! 🚀

What Others are Saying About The Solopreneur Success Formula

Unbeatable Offer: Unlock Your Dream Lifestyle for Just $150

No recurring fees, no hidden costs, just a one-time payment of $150 grants you lifetime access to the Solopreneur Success Formula course.Imagine that; for the cost of a decent meal out for two, you're investing in a transformative experience that could fundamentally change your life. But it's not just about the money; it's about making each day of your life count towards your ultimate freedom. 🗝️

Here's What You Get:

  • 7 In-Depth Modules: From discovering your 'Why' to calculating your Freedom Number, we cover it all.

  • Journal Success Plan: A bonus module that walks you through your free YLB 90 Day Planner—your secret weapon to goal-setting like a pro.

  • Mindset & Business Mastery: Your treasure chest of wisdom with 13 years' worth of insights.

  • Printable Workbook: Worksheets, checklists, and guides to apply and track what you learn.

  • FREE Physical YLB 90-Day Planner: That's right, it's not just digital. You get this baby, selling for $24.99 on Amazon, in the mail!

  • Notion Version of the 90-Day Planner: For all the tech-savvy souls who love to plan digitally.

Limited-Time Bonuses

Act now and unlock the most value! This offer is too good to last forever. The physical copy of the YLB 90-Day Planner is included for a limited time only.

Yours for FREE when you purchase the Solopreneur Success Formula Today!So there you have it. You're not just buying a course; you're investing in a brighter, freer, more exhilarating future. And it's all just a click away. 🎉

Risk-Free Learning: Your 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Wondering if this course is the right fit for you? We totally get it. Committing to an investment like this can feel like a big step. That's why we're offering a no-questions-asked, 14-day money-back guarantee.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Dive in, explore the course, and if you decide it's not lighting your fire, just send us an email within the first 14 days. We'll refund your payment in full, no fuss. Simple as that. 🤝

Why 14 Days?

We want you to feel completely at ease with your decision. Fourteen days give you enough time to get your feet wet and see if this course is really what you're looking for.

About the Journal:

We know you're going to love the YLB 90 Day Planner, and we can't wait for you to have it. To ensure everyone is fully committed, the journal will be dispatched after the 14-day guarantee period is over. We're confident you'll find the course so valuable, you'll be counting down the days!

Break Down Those Barriers:

Concerned about the price or not sure if it'll fit your needs? With the 14-day money-back guarantee, you're totally covered. So, you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of lifestyle freedom to gain.Ready to take the plunge? Turn your dreams into your day-to-day, entirely risk-free.

Ready to Live Your Dream Lifestyle? Take Action Now!

You've reached the end of the page, but really, this is just the beginning of your journey.Let's quickly recap what's in store for you:

  • Ignite Your Creativity: Find a business idea that doesn't just pay the bills but fills you with passion.

  • Calculate Your Freedom Number: Crystallize how much you need for your dream life, and set up a business to achieve it.

  • Craft Your Unique Brand: Get to the heart of your brand and shout it from the rooftops.

  • Discover Your Solopreneur Type: Tailor your business model to fit you like a bespoke suit.

  • Nail Your Niche and Target Market: Zero in on your audience to make every marketing dollar count.

  • Define Your Brand's True North: Set your guiding principles that steer your brand towards success.

  • Build Your Tribe: Cultivate a loyal fanbase who'll cheer you on (and buy from you!)

  • Become a Prolific Content Creator: Turn out killer content that converts, consistently.

  • Prioritize Your Key Outputs: Know the essential tasks to focus on for business growth.

  • Craft Your Profit Plan: No more guessing on pricing. We set you up for optimum profitability.

  • Action Plan to Launch: A roadmap that takes you from nought to sixty, effortlessly.

  • Mindset Mastery: Build the mental resilience to overcome any obstacle.

And Don't Forget Your Juicy Bonuses:

  • The Solopreneur Success Formula Workbook: Your printable partner in crime to keep you on point.

  • Solopreneur Mindset Mastery: Navigate the mental game like a pro.

  • FREE Physical 90-Day Planner: Shipped straight to your door after the guarantee period, this planner is your tactile guide to goal setting, daily action, and reflection. It's the paper-and-pen experience to make your journey feel real.

  • FREE Notion Template of My 90 Day Planner: A digital clone of the Amazon best-seller, perfect for the tech-savvy among you.

Your Investment

All of this incredibly valuable content is yours for a one-time payment of $150.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Feeling a bit unsure? No worries. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. And just so you know, your free physical 90-Day Planner gets shipped to you after the guarantee period ends.

Your Next Steps Are Clear

No more wishful thinking. Click the "Buy Now" button, and let's turn your dreams into your daily life.

P.S. If you've scrolled all the way down here, it means you're seriously considering making a game-changing move in your life. Don't miss out on the limited-time bonuses, including the physical 90-Day Planner that turns your goals into daily action. Click that "Buy Now" button and let's get you started on crafting your dream lifestyle today! 🌟


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for solopreneurs, lifestyle entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to build a business around their desired lifestyle. If you crave the freedom to pursue your passions, live on your terms, and take charge of your financial future, then this course is for you!

What is a Lifestyle Business?

A lifestyle business is a small business set up and run to fund your ideal lifestyle, allowing you the freedom to operate from anywhere in the world. It's about turning your passions into profits while living life on your terms. Whether it's working from a beach in Bali or your home office, the focus is on flexibility, fulfillment, and creating a balance between work and life. Put your lifestyle first!

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

As an entrepreneur of 20+ years and with 13 years of experience in the online business world, I have firsthand knowledge and insights that I've translated into this course. From launching successful digital products to growing a multi-million dollar Amazon business, I've poured my experience into actionable steps for you to follow.

What will I learn?

You'll learn how to define your vision, identify your business model, craft your brand, monetize your business, overcome fears and imposter syndrome, and much more. The course is packed with real strategies and action steps to help you build a successful lifestyle business and design the life of your dreams.

How long will it take to get results?

The time it takes to see results varies and depends on your individual effort, the action you take, and the business model you choose. Success can be as immediate or long-term as you make it.

Is it worth $150?

Absolutely! Probably a lot more. This course is the culmination of 13 years of experience, providing a step-by-step guide to building a lifestyle business. At $150, it's an investment in a proven roadmap that can save you a lot of time and guide you to success.

How much money can I make?

The potential earnings from your lifestyle business depend on various factors, including your chosen business model, effort, strategy, and market demand. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but the course will equip you with the tools to create a profitable business tailored to your goals.

Is it lifetime access?

Yes, when you enroll in the course, you get lifetime access, including any future updates and additions. There's no extra payment required for these updates.

Is there a refund period?

Yes, unlike many online digital courses these days, we still offer a refund period of 14 days. If you find that the course is not the right fit for you within the first 14 days, you can request a full refund.

How long will it take to work through the course?

The course is 3.5 hours long and is designed so that you can consume it in one afternoon. How quickly you take action however and follow all the steps is up to you. My recommendation is that you watch it all the way through once and then start watching a module a week and taking action.